Fine is a project born in 2012 from the meeting of three freelancers. A studio able to offer integrated services for communication.

Our Philosophy

Fine is the creativity that meets technique.
Professionalism combined with imagination.
We don’t like to define ourselves office or agency, or restrict our offer to specific areas with well-demarcated borders.
We are finalizers but also creators.
We transform projects, ideas and intuitions into concrete products that have quality and effectiveness as primary targets.

Meet Our Team

Paolo BenittiD.o.p. Camera operator Video editor
“D.o.p., camera operator, video editor and... much more. I work in audiovisual productions, television and cinema since 2006. What i prefer is creating feelings with lights”
Antonello MonnoVisual designer
“ Work in multimedia production since 1998.
I am dealing with static and moving graphics and also I had working experiences within video and traditional graphics productions.“
“I'm graduated in new media. Cameraman by profession I deal with 360-degree video productions especially for web and television.”
Fabio SabaMusician
“Graduated in DAMS and at the Conservatoire, I deal with sound design and original music composition . I work for short films and promotional videos.”
?Maybe You
“We'll never work for you. We'll always work with you! If you got a project, an idea, let's share it with us. You'll be part of the team, beacuse sharing is caring. Comunication is first of all among people, so, c'mon write us!”



We deal with, communication projects, video production and post - production, graphic design, motion graphics, SFX, sound design, and training.

Film & Video Making

Commercials - Institutional Documentary - Fiction - Web ADV - Viral - Short Movies Videoclips

Sfx & Post

Post Production
Video Editing
Color Correction
Color Grading
Special Effects - Animation


Branding and Identity Logos Design - Print Design Infographics
Motion Graphics

Music & fx

Live and Studio Recording Speech and Voice Over Sound Design
Sound Engineering
Mixing and Mastering
Soundtracks Productions

Last News

  • “ "This is the end, my lonely friend, the end" as Jim Morrison says. But today the end, Fine in italian language, means a new beginning. After a lot of hard day's nights of working we are ready to spread out. Today, 2013, May, the 14th, our brand new website is online! What are you waiting for? Drop us a line and subscribe our mailing list! ”

    Paolo, 14/05/2013

  • “lov Vanchiglia Open Lab creativity network in Borgo Vanchiglia presenta Lov Night #5 - La Nostra Impronta sabato 8 giugno 2013 dalle 16 a notte fonda Vanchiglia a studi aperti una notte di arte, cultura, creatività Segnati questa data, è quella del nostro incontro: percorreremo le strade, ci lasceremo condurre da un accordo, da un colore, dall'impronta di ogni singola vetrina. Forse ci perderemo per ritrovarci davanti a un bicchiere, in un cortile illuminato dalle candele. Noi ci saremo, saremo tantissimi, ma sapremo riconoscerci. Vi aspettiamo in Via Bava 17 Fine Studio! ”

    monnox, 08/06/2013


Via Eusebio Bava, 17
Turin, 10124. Italy
+39 011 197 07 901
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